Top 10 Personal Health Record apps

When you get ill and come to doctor, she asks you to tell about your symptoms and condition history: what hurts, when it started, what caused the illness, what you have already done for the treatment? Besides doctor is also trying to find out your health particularities: allergies, contra-indications, what medications you are taking, which of them help you better, etc. Based on this information, doctor defines the tactics of your treatment.

As a rule, a patient in such cases can't provide the complete and correct picture to the doctor, and as a result not always get individual and effective treatment. That is the first reason, why you need Personal Health Records (PHR) app.

PHR app allows to record your health-related issues on the heels. What symptoms you had, what triggers caused them, what medications you took, what medical procedures you used, how effective they were. What side effects appeared. Then you can export all this information in an orderly manner and provide to your doctor.

Moreover, this information will be always with you, and even if you come to the new clinic, to the doctor that sees you for the first time - you'll always be ready to provide the complete picture of your condition and health profile.

But not only doctors should care about your health. You should become the primary consumer of your own personal health records. By analyzing this information you'll better understand your organism and make conclusions about how to change your lifestyle to improve health. In addition, PHR will help you to behave more smart next time when you have certain symptoms - start treatment in the right way, contact doctor in time. And in some (non-serious) cases you'll even be able to do without professional medical services.

But that's not all. Perhaps you have loved ones, that you are taking care of: children or grandparents. If so, you have to understand their health and medical needs also. And using an app to track their Personal Health Records you'll be able to act more effectively every time when something happens with their health.

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Apple Health
The new Health app gives you an easy-to-read dashboard of your health and fitness data. And we’ve created a new tool for developers called HealthKit, which allows all the incredible health and fitness apps to work together, and work harder, for you. It just might be the beginning of a health revolution.
Microsoft HealthVault
Microsoft Healthvault helps you organise your family's health data for simple access in emergencies, by first responders and those you trust. Get began by entering some general data about yourself and your family. In just a few minutes, you'll have your family's emergency data at your fingertips, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're prepared. When you're done, you'll get an emergency health profile including your medications, allergies, conditions, and more, wallet cards that offer your hight-priority health data at a glance, access codes you can give to Emts and other people you trust to enable access to your account, a security-enhanced account to store, organise, and share your health data.
Windows PhoneOnline
GooPatient is a free app that allows you to take better care of your Health and your Family. In GooPatient you can make health records using hashtags like in Twitter. Add webcam shots to your health journal, organize medical files and doctor contacts
AndroidWindows PC
My Medical
Store complete medical histories for as many people as you wish. Keep critical and hard-to-remember information on hand all the time. Track and chart test results and vital signs. Email your record to the doctor with a click of a button. My Medical is available for Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
With Minerva Health Manager’s comprehensive software solution for personal health record management, you can finally catalog, manage, and store your personal health records in one convenient place - your own personal computer. Your Minerva personal health records can include your complete health history of medical tests, diagnoses, conditions, x-rays, medications, allergies, and much more.
Windows PC
MyALERT is a web service that allows you to create and manage your personal health record in an easy and quick way. View the history and tendency charts of the several health trackers available for you. This service allows you to document medication, past exams, allergies or other problems so that you can be fully aware of your medical history. Available for iPhone and Android.
iOSAndroidWindows PCMac OSOnline
Caring for a parent? Child? Loved one? CareZone provides a safe, private place to organize, store and manage everything. Organize yourself, or grant access to your family and helpers. Only you make the decisions.
Google Fit
An open platform that lets users control their fitness data. Google Fit lets developers build smarter apps and manufacturers focus on creating amazing devices. It's a service that'll track all your health metrics - sleep, steps, etc.
The Carrot is a web solution plus iPhone app that can help you monitor your fitness, nutrition, and medical information for a holistic view of your overall health. Plus, you can add or remove trackers to fit your lifestyle. It's comprehensive functions make it simple to help you identify issue areas so you can make positive changes. After a few easy questions, you'll be up and running with an on-line control panel already optimized for your needs. You'll be all set to monitor your way to a healthier and happier you.
RememberItNow will help you remember to take your medications, create a care community, get organized, provide long-distance care, and much more. It is designed to be simple to use and to make your life easier. You will spend more time doing the things you enjoy, and less time worrying about taking medications, remembering appointments, tracking prescriptions, reordering supplies and scheduling care. Web app and iPhone app.
HealthyCircles is an online health resource designed to help you manage and share your health information as well as enroll in online Health Programs and Services. Allows you to remotely manage and engage in care of loved one, print your full report so that you can show it to a doctor if they need, share all your information securely with caregivers and providers. The Healthy Circles Consumer Portal connects patients to their Health Care Professionals and makes it easy for monitoring personal and family health and securely sharing health information.
Receive, Manage, and Send Health and Immunization Records with ChartSpan App on Your Smartphone. Send immunization and health records anywhere with the tap of a button. Missing your records? Request them from your doctor. Organize and search your family’s health records securely on your phone.
DoctorsElite is a simple but powerful platform to help physicians network both professionally and socially. The professional tools include a robust search engine to find specialists in any region and a referral system to consult with other physicians. With a DoctorsElite FREE member account, you can compile and access medical history records for you and your family.
Medical e-Folder
Medical e-Folder is an iPhone app that provides users a mobile platform for storing, tracking and sharing medical information for themselves and their loved ones. This app is great for team moms, babysitters, parents, home health care professionals, and children caring for a parent. Users of the Medical e-Folder App can now have their medical history as well as that of their family's in the palm of their hand. No need to search for doctor's records when switching physicians or filling out a medical form.
All of your medical records made available securely online, accessible anytime, anywhere. myMediConnect creates a PHR for you by using our exclusive MediConnect record retrieval system. Simply fill out our online medical record request and HIPAA release form and a MediConnect retrieval specialist will contact your doctor, pharmacist, clinic, or hospital directly to request copies of your medical records on your behalf. After retrieving your records, MediConnect will organize, digitize, and upload your records directly to your myMediConnect account.
Managing family health records is a challenge. Instead of a filling a file folder with medical information or creating a makeshift spreadsheet, get a handle on your health with NoMoreClipboard. You can easily compile and manage family medical records, and send those records to your physician right from NoMoreClipboard before your next medical appointment.
LifeOnKey user-friendly platform empowers individuals by pairing comprehensive health and wellness information with online tools to help them make better, more informed choices, more effectively manage their care and improve their quality of life. Unlike PHRs provided by a single institution or physician, LifeOnKey’s Personal Health Record application puts patients in control, enabling them to work with their doctors and health care providers to achieve new standards of personalized care.
ZebraHealth is am online service that helps to record personal health or medical history. You can take this record to any doctor visit. And you can even print this record in physician friendly format which quickly tells the doctor what they need to know to improve the quality of care. ZebraHealth offers enhanced services through employers.
HealthKeep is a secure and anonymous health network that connects you with doctors and others who share your symptoms, medications, and conditions
All your health history, now in one place. Easy to understand, clickable timelines and graphics replace the folders and printouts of the past. We take care of adding new records as they become available, so you never have to think about requesting photocopies again. Getting records to doctors and loved ones is now our job. Whether through paper, fax, email or online access - your updated records are in your doctor’s hands before you get to the office.