Top 10 Pedometer apps

If you want to get fit by walking around every day, you can use a pedometer to track your number of steps and find out whether you are burning enough energy to lose weight. Thus walking becomes more interesting and you'll never give it up. Electronic pedometers are quite expensive but the good news is that almost all modern smartphones have an accelerometer and are capable of acting as a personal pedometer for you. 

All you have to do is choose the right app, install it, put your smartphone in the pocket and walk. Of course, no accelerometer-based pedometer app will give you a 100% accuracy, but some of them are accurate enough. Anyway, you don't need the 100% accuracy.

And the advantage of Pedometer apps over hardware pedometers is that their functionality is much more broad. They allow to measure not only steps, time, distance, speed and calories burned, but also record heart rate, blood pressure, weight, BMI. They can display your routs on the map and allow to share results with your friends on Facebook.
Feature rich, activity based USB pedometer online corporate walking program with evidence based results. Jump start your corporate wellness program and achieve the health care cost control you want.
Livescape is an activity and nutrition journal for Windows Phone that features GPS tracking and the ability to count steps. Keep a log of your daily activities. Calculate the number of calories burned. Track your weight, calorie intake, and monitor your Nutrition Facts from day to day. Import Nutrition Facts using your phone's camera with the help of OCR. Review your trends using any of the built in graphing features, synchronize with Microsoft HealthVault, and share your progress on Facebook and Twitter!
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Striiv Smart
The First Smart Pedometer. With every step, Striiv learns your behavior and motivates you to walk a lot more. Striiv creates personal challenges based on your level of activity, so you reach your fitness goals as you move throughout the day. It's fitness, for the rest of us.
Angel is an unobtrusive wristband that can be worn 24/7. It listens to your body's vital signs and analyzes physical activities such as walking, running, sleeping and much more. Angel is still under development, but once complete it could be used to detect potentially dangerous health conditions and warn you and your physician.
Just start iTreadmill and drop your iPhone/iPod Touch into your pocket. It will use the accelerometer to accurately measure Step Count, Distance, Calories burned, Current & Average Speed & Pace, Time elapsed, Strike Rate. Record your workout while walking the mall, count steps at work/home, run/walk in the neighborhood,park,track, in the gym on a treadmill/elliptical
TreadIt is an easy to use personal pedometer for your BlackBerry Storm or Torch. You can use it to keep track of how many steps you take while walking or running. In addition to counting steps, TreadIt can tell you the distance, time, speed and calories burned. TreadIt uses the accelerometer in your BlackBerry Torch or Storm to count the steps you take.
JogAlot pedometer app delivers the performance you would expect from an application built for iPhone. Only with the cutting-edge iPhone plus the innovative technology used in JogAlot software you can make sure you are working actively to burn as many calories as possible. Just put your iPhone in your pocket when you go for a walk and it will track how many steps you take as well how many calories you burn.
iSteps Pedometer
iSteps is a an easy and reliable pedometer that uses the accelerometer in your iPod touch / iPhone to track your steps during walking. It also calculates distance, average speed and total calories burned. iSteps is a fun way to help you promote your physical activity.
iWalk, the fully customizable pedometer system for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can set it for whatever situation you prefer, walking, running, wearing it on your hip, or even holding it in your hand. If you want, craft what is best for you, or go with our walking based defaults.
Lets Move It
The Let’s Move It app makes walking and running fun and goal-oriented. Select among 15 walking “challenges.” Distance goals include a 26.2-mile Cleveland Marathon challenge, a 277-mile Grand Canyon challenge or a 3,890-mile Great Wall of China challenge. Track your progress with the free pedometer feature. Access Cleveland Clinic exercise videos and information, a calorie converter and weekly wellness tips.