Top 10 Family Health apps

Family Health apps - is a subcategory of PHR apps, that allows you to take care not only of your own health but also of the health of entire family - children, aged parents, chronically ill family members and even home pets.

Family Health apps are typically used by moms who usually take responsibility for the health of the family. Perhaps these applications are even more demanded than Personal Health Record apps, because there are more family-conscious moms than health-conscious people.

Family Health apps allow you to create a personal health record for each family member and keep a health journal in each profile. Some applications also allow to create a family map, which helps to establish a genetic predispositions to different diseases.
Microsoft HealthVault
Microsoft Healthvault helps you organise your family's health data for simple access in emergencies, by first responders and those you trust. Get began by entering some general data about yourself and your family. In just a few minutes, you'll have your family's emergency data at your fingertips, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're prepared. When you're done, you'll get an emergency health profile including your medications, allergies, conditions, and more, wallet cards that offer your hight-priority health data at a glance, access codes you can give to Emts and other people you trust to enable access to your account, a security-enhanced account to store, organise, and share your health data.
Windows PhoneOnline
GooPatient is a free app that allows you to take better care of your Health and your Family. In GooPatient you can make health records using hashtags like in Twitter. Add webcam shots to your health journal, organize medical files and doctor contacts
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My Medical
Store complete medical histories for as many people as you wish. Keep critical and hard-to-remember information on hand all the time. Track and chart test results and vital signs. Email your record to the doctor with a click of a button. My Medical is available for Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
With Minerva Health Manager’s comprehensive software solution for personal health record management, you can finally catalog, manage, and store your personal health records in one convenient place - your own personal computer. Your Minerva personal health records can include your complete health history of medical tests, diagnoses, conditions, x-rays, medications, allergies, and much more.
Windows PC
MyALERT is a web service that allows you to create and manage your personal health record in an easy and quick way. View the history and tendency charts of the several health trackers available for you. This service allows you to document medication, past exams, allergies or other problems so that you can be fully aware of your medical history. Available for iPhone and Android.
iOSAndroidWindows PCMac OSOnline
Medical e-Folder
Medical e-Folder is an iPhone app that provides users a mobile platform for storing, tracking and sharing medical information for themselves and their loved ones. This app is great for team moms, babysitters, parents, home health care professionals, and children caring for a parent. Users of the Medical e-Folder App can now have their medical history as well as that of their family's in the palm of their hand. No need to search for doctor's records when switching physicians or filling out a medical form.
HealthFrame is the leading personal health record in the market today. In addition to its ability to track the entirety of your health records (including scanned attachments and your medical expenses), HealthFrame Explorer has unmatched capabilities that let you use your health record to access individualized health services. Using the extensible plug-in support you'll be able to access an increasing list of reports. You'll be able to transport your records on your iPod, USB drives or other mobile devices.
Windows PC
Manage and Protect your family's health infomation with a Zweena online personal health record. Zweena is a full PHR and it collects the records as well. Rather than just store scanned images, Zweena will extract the structured data from the medical record.
Health Companion
Health Companion is a software tool that enables healthcare subscribers to behave like discerning consumers of health care. It is an indispensable medical expense manager for the health care consumer who is value conscious and attentive to wellness & prevention. Till now, there were no good tools that helped the consumer to maneuver through the maze of confusing terminologies, calculations, and accounting. iPhone app allows to track Blood Glucose Level, Blood Pressure, Calorie Intake, Cholesterol Level, Height and Weight from your device.
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AboutOne’s online family organizer enhances your existing calendar and contacts tools with online filing and reporting to automatically organize, store, and share family memories and household paperwork. AboutOne helps you better manage your healthcare and make informed decisions with a complete picture of your family’s medical history.
Windows PhoneOnline
Illness Tracker
Illness Tracker introduces a new way to record, monitor and recall your illnesses and ailments throughout the year. Due to busy schedules, it is difficult to remember when we first got sick and all the details. Illness Tracker simplifies this task by allowing you to touch a day on the calendar to record various notes. Your data then appears as icons on the calendar, allowing you to see your records at a glance. Keep track of yourself and other friends or family members.
Personal Health Desk
Personal Health Desk is an electronic personal health record for individuals, and families. Keep a detailed record of your and your family's medical history and all health events; Monitor your health and use the reminders and the scheduler to remind you of important health events. Use a variety of data entry tools and medical calculators to add data and to review your health. View summaries and print subsets of this record for health professional visits or for emergencies.
Windows PC
MotionPHR is you and your family's secure mobile Personal Health Record (PHR). This application provides you with the tools to manage you and your family's health records. By providing a safe and secure centralized place to store your Medications, Immunizations, Conditions, Allergies, Test Results, Current Problems, Procedures
My Medical Records
With this application you can easily record and track your family's personal medical records and my family health history and other health information for free. You'll never have to backup your data because all your records are safely stored in the cloud with redundant servers and continuous backups. You can access your personal medical information from any device including iPhones, tablets, etc. with a web browser at, as well as from this app.
My Family Health Portrait
My Family Health Portrait helps to track family history of genetic diseases. You can print your family health history in a diagram and table form to share with your health care worker. My Family Health Portrait is integrated with Microsoft Health Vault so information can be copied from Healthvault quickly. The application is free to use. This is a tool supplied by the Surgeon General.
Pillbox is an easy way to manage medication lists. Created by Community Health Network, Pillbox allows you to keep track of you and your family’s medication list on your iPhone or iPod touch. Using the weekly pillbox view you can easily see if you or a family member has medications to take on any given day. Pillbox links each medication to an informative database giving you information on each medication entered into the application (Internet Connection Required).
Health n Family
Do you need a complete health information tracker to take good care of all your near and dear ones? Does someone important in your life suffer from a chromic ailment that requires regular monitoring? Health n Family works as a single solution for storing and accessing health care information for all your family members. Keep track of medical records, appointments and prescriptions, and even store important medical documents-right on your Android, simple yet secure.