Top 10 Baby Care apps

Since the moment of birth any child needs a constant care from parents and medical specialists. Parents have to carefully follow the schedule of visits to doctor and vaccinations, and constantly monitor the child's health and fulfill doctor's recommendations on sleeping, feeding, walking, physical activities, etc.

Kids usually don't tell about their state of health, so we have to rely on the external signs. Parents need to learn to recognize the symptoms of child's health problems on the basis of the previous experience. You also need to determine kid's allergies and predispositions.

But keeping in mind all this information and schedules - it is very difficult. That's where the Baby Care apps help. These applications allow you to record different measurements (weight, height ...) and compare them with normal values, keep records of vaccinations, doctor visits, medications, medical procedures, keep a journal of diseases and conditions, find out symptoms and triggers.

These records helps you learn the individual characteristics of your child's organism, provide complete information to the doctor, as well as perform all the necessary health-related activities in time.

In addition, Baby Care apps, as a rule, contain a lot of educational information (articles, video) in order to enable parents to become more professional in baby-caring and provide more effective care to their baby.

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Keep track of your child’s immunizations history in one place. Review all of your child’s past and present medications with exact dosages, start and stop dates. Provide an accurate record of your child’s medical conditions, allergies, medications and contact information for emergency situations. View, share, print or download your child’s medical charts and notes from each doctor’s appointment.
WeSprout is a parenting Q&A community that also helps you keep better track of your child’s health than ever before. Track medical issues and medications, height and weight, developmental milestones, immunization records and more.
Expecting moms can get a ton of data on this website, which provides up calendars and trackers to help you via your entire pregnancy and beyond. Babycenter's functions, calculators, calendars, checklists, and worksheets can help take the stress out of pregnancy and parenting. Let us help you find the answers you need, whether you're searching for baby names, calculating your baby's due date, trying to get pregnant, monitoring your child's development, or wondering how tall your child will be. Or perhaps you're looking for fun crafts and family activities, horoscopes, or delicious mom-rated recipes.
WebMD Baby
The app that does more than keep your family informed. It keeps YOU informed. To keep your baby healthy. Access hundreds of articles and videos developed and approved by WebMD doctors. Manage schedules for sleeping, feeding, growth, and more! Take pictures, record videos, and create a baby book to capture all the precious moments.
ParentWeb is a social network and information resource developed exclusively for active and expectant parents and families. We provide a unique parenting resource, helping parents through the road of child-rearing by sharing knowledge, providing fun parenting tools, and hosting a friendly online community.
Baby Tracker for PC
ParentWeb Baby Tracker lets parents track their child's development both in the womb and after they've entered the world, and also gives users access to the content on
Windows PC
Baby Connect
Track daily information about your baby: feeding (bottle, nursing, solid, pumping), diapers, sleep, mood, activities, milestones, health, medicines, vaccines, photos, . Several authorized users can be specified for each baby: parents, family, nannies, daycare staff, sitters, au pairs. Entries are immediately securely synchronized on each user account. Accessible with Baby Connect iPhone/iPod touch application, Baby Connect for iPad, Baby Connect for Android, or with a browser by logging to
Baby Care for Android
Track your baby's grow up, help to become more experienced parents. Track baby feeds, baby sleeps, baby poos(pees), baby growth and more, support multiple reminder to help parents/caregivers remember to take care of the baby when busy. Also can use this tool to write baby's diary, add baby's photo, voice record and share with friends.
You're going to be a great parent. Your BlackBerry can help. BurpBerry helps you track when your new baby last nursed, had a wet diaper, and more. Let BurpBerry keep track of the small stuff, so you can focus on giving your baby love and attention.
Baby Care Tracker for Windows Phone
Baby tracking app for Windows Phone. Supports multiple babies. Allows to track baby mood, feeds, sleeps, pee/poo, health, play, bath, vaccination, medicine and more. Track baby growth(weight, height, head circumference) and pumping milk. Contains Diary Book
Windows Phone
Similac Baby Journal
Track your baby's feeding, sleeping, diaper changes and growth in this convenient application. See tips and advice from the makers of Similac and other Moms and Dads like you. View graphs that show your baby's development over time and easily share this information with your family and Pediatrician via email.
My Baby Records
With this site and app you can record and save all your baby's history, baby medical information and baby medical records just like you would in a baby book, from their birthday on, privately and for free. You'll never have to backup your data because it's stored in the cloud. Simply record the changes or new entries of children's health records at home or at the doctor's office - right there on the spot, using this app or on the web - while it's fresh in your mind. You'll be able to recall it at any time and place. Of course you can always add it later via this app or the web.
Birth Class App
Prepare for labor and birth in the comfort of your own home by taking an instructor-led birth class from BabyCenter, the most trusted pregnancy and early parenting destination worldwide.
My Baby Today
What does every new parent need? Support. Advice. Reminders. Reasons to laugh. Keep it all by your side 24/7, along with a personalized daily calendar, helpful checklists and even a built-in photo album. The free My Baby Today app is here to help you simplify daily life and be the best parent possible through each stage of your little one’s development.
AmazingBaby helps turn everyday moments - like play time and bath time - into perfect opportunities for you and your baby to play, grow and learn together.
ExpectingBaby helps you track and share your amazing journey through all three stages of pregnancy—planning, delivery and announcing baby’s arrival.
If you have kids, you probably have questions about their health. Now those answers are right at your fingertips! Want to know if something is really an emergency? Need to get more information on your child's illness? Cook Children's Checkup gives you access to explanations, symptoms and tips, all in language that's easy to understand.
Baby Health Journal
Baby Health Journal gives proud parents the ability to document and track all things "baby". Record feedings, sleep paterns, time and date, notes, and more. Baby Health Journal is the perfect tool for organized parents, and will store all added information in one place.
Mac OS