WebMD vs iTriage

Webmd is not just a place to see what that ache in your back can mean, Webmd provides up a food and fitness tracker so you can monitor your weight, calorie intakes, and even gives you recommendations on food and exercise times built on your objectives. It also provides vaccine tracker to help you record and manage vaccinations for your entire family. Provides iPhone app including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings.
iTriage is a free web/smartphone application that answers the health questions “What do I have?” and “Where do I go?”. With iTriage, you can look up symptoms, find possible causes for your symptoms, determine the appropriate treatment path, and locate the closest healthcare providers to your current location or any location you choose. Allows to track appointments with doctors and personal health records

Latest news about WebMD and iTriage:

07.10.14. WebMD and Walgreens integrate their digital health services. WebMD and Walgreens will integrate some of the other’s digital health services into their online and mobile offerings. Walgreens customers that have a WebMD account will now be able to refill prescriptions and make clinic appointments at Walgreens through the WebMD website or app. Walgreens digital offerings will also now include some of WebMD’s health content and also help promote WebMD’s app-supported healthy behavior change programs. Among the WebMD virtual coaching programs Walgreens will encourage its customers to enroll in, are programs for smoking cessation, weight management, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

18.06.14. WebMD app now tracks all of your health data in one spot. WebMD (like Apple, Google, Samsung) wants to create a central place for fitness tracking and health monitoring. It's launching a new feature in its iOS app called Healthy Target that works with activity trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone, as well as glucometers and wireless scales, to aggregate and pull in health data. Similar to Apple's recently announced HealthKit platform, Healthy Target (within the WebMD app, which has 20 million users) aims to helps users manage their health and chronic conditions. (Google is also reportedly looking to launch its own app called Google Fit that collects and aggregates data from fitness trackers and health apps).