Nike Sportband vs Nike Sportwatch GPS

Nike Sportband
The Nike+ SportBand tracks your pace, distance, time, and calories burned while you run or walk. Plus, with the Polar Wearlink+, you can track your heart rate. Connect to to see your runs, check your NikeFuel, set goals, map new routes, and share your runs with friends. An easy-to-use device with a customizable display, so you see whatever info is most important to you.
Nike Sportwatch GPS
Nike+ GPS offers GPS, pace tracking, a timer for short or long runs, a calorie counter, a pedometer and a music player. It is also social through Twitter, Path or Facebook. Nike+ also comes with the full celebrity endorsement of top athletes that have signed with Nike, allowing you to get feedback from the best of the best. Nike+ also offers the FuelBand, which is a bracelet that works as an accelerometer and tracks your movements whether you are running, walking or dancing.