MapMyRun vs RunKeeper



iMapMy is a fitness tracking application that enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities. Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. You can even effortlessly save and upload your workout data to any of the MapMyFITNESS websites where you can view your route workout data, and comprehensive workout history.
RunKeeper tracks your run or bike by how far you went, how long it took and the route you travelled. It has a personal dashboard to see all of your historical activities and monitor how you are progressing in your workout routines. Also, you have the ability to share with the community (which becomes your own personal cloud of fitness stats), along with Twitter and Facebook to get your friends and family in on the interaction. Nothing pushes you more than being held accountable by your loved ones. The app also integrates with an iPhone's music section to play tunes while you work out.
Beowulf66 | 23.05.12
Used to be awesome. Now, the Gps is not correct. Too bad. I can now run 3 miles in 1 minute and 31 seconds. Please fix the distance monitoring....
phoenixar | 22.05.12
The Site support for this application is great. I can analyse the aerobic workout by the seconds to monitor changes in my pace. Information is never lost as every thing is stored on the run keeper servers. That's good since I recently factory reset my Android....
AaronLord | 13.04.12
Application is buggy. Their client support is Nonexistent, and there's no excuse for that, since I heard they got funding. Even besides that, I'm paying for the premium subscription and have paid for a few training classes as well. The most you get from posting on the discussions is people saying, Yeah, I have this issue, too. I sure wish they would fix it. Too bad they don't actually view these posts.

When I do interval works on the monitor, the application says each lap has a 15' elevat...
Eliahn | 09.04.12
I like this application, operates perfectly and gives me incentive to workout more. The web integration is also very helpful....
Vincent | 12.01.12
On Galaxy S2 - awesome to keep monitor on sites and share on facebook etc, also I like how you can add your own training software. One annoying bug I've been having since the last update, it disconnects my bluetooth stereo headset whenever loading this application or when gps signal is picked up. Was working fine before. Otherwise good application....

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