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Silent alarm clock and sleep sensor for iPhone/iPad. Designed with Harvard sleep expert and pro sports sleep coach. LARK wakes you silently and gently- you’ll even snooze less. The LARK wristband (lovingly known as wrist pajamas) uses an actigraphy microsensor to detect your unique sleeping patterns. No syncing, it automatically shows up on your phone.
SleepTracker’s SmartStart Technology monitors your sleep stages throughout the night and then uses that data to determine the exact moment when you should be awoken helping you feel refreshed and energetic. SLEEPTRACKER also comes with the most comprehensive sleep software available allowing you to see how you slept, ways to improve your sleep, and your overall sleep score.
RonaldE | 11.05.12
What a awesome idea, so awesome that I didn't do my normal blog diligence and acquired. What a joke this thing is. Who wants to wake up and remember their lock code on their iPhone just so the thing will shut off ? No offense, but do you really all sleep with your iPhone by your bedside and the docking gadget for the Lark. really ? Multiple connection problems and I have a 4s that rocks my Jawbone Jambox and other Bluetooth gadgets but not the Lark. Such incredible marketing and design and a dif...
Panagiotis | 13.04.12
Ok first I have to say it operates. Meaning that first It can wake me up. Second I didn't notice any blue tooth com issue with my iPhone 4. But I notice some synchronize issues with web account. Don't know why. Finally I believe that is quit correct on sleep quality bug. That the general reason I have one of those devices. It is an interesting device....
GeraldD | 28.06.11
I purchased a Lark Sleep Sensor over one week ago because I really like the idea of monitoring my sleep. The alarm part was also desirable. To my regret, this is a very frustrating realization of a nice idea. Consider:.
The sleep monitoring is not very correct.
The bluetooth does not always work, and when it is not working, there is no way to specify the alarm. This has already resulted in one nights sleep not being registered, even after spending > 45 minutes (i should have been sleeping)...
Mike | 14.04.10
I got one for Christmas - it is very awkward. After less than a week, the USB contacts literally fell out of the watch. So much for that. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and exchange it (though - ripoff alert - they want $10 for that. Better to return it and purchase a new one without paying $10.
Another large drawback: no snooze button. So, if your alarm goes off and you fall back asleep, the watch doesn't wake you again. Considering it supposedly knows when you sleep, that seems pre...

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