Google Health vs

Google Health
Since January 1, 2012 Google Health is in read-only mode. Google Health is an on-line solution that helps you take control of your health data. It gives you a easy control panel you can use to monitor all your health-related data and objectives. It also helps you simply organise your health records and health data so they're available when you need them. With Google Health you can create on-line health profiles for yourself and those you care for, define and monitor your progress toward health, wellness, and fitness objectives, download health records from doctors and pharmacies, learn about health problems and find helpful resources.
The Carrot is a web solution plus iPhone app that can help you monitor your fitness, nutrition, and medical information for a holistic view of your overall health. Plus, you can add or remove trackers to fit your lifestyle. It's comprehensive functions make it simple to help you identify issue areas so you can make positive changes. After a few easy questions, you'll be up and running with an on-line control panel already optimized for your needs. You'll be all set to monitor your way to a healthier and happier you.