bodybugg alternatives

bodybugg calorie management solution is a proven system in weight loss management. The bodybugg solution operates by keeping an accurate daily record of calories consumed vs. burned making it easier to stay informed, make decisions and more effectively manage your weight. The bodybugg solution contains sleek wearable devices that are complemented by a user-friendly web based software. Plus, with the Bodybuggsp solution, you can get real-time access to your daily activity via your phone (android and iPhone).
bodybugg alternatives are:
Fitbit Ultra
chrismcoaching | 28.05.11 | #
So how do you know how many calories you burned? you cant bud. The track is awesome if your training for a marathon or a tri but not´╗┐ for those seeking weight loss. :-).
McAngus | 17.02.12 | #
For the record - i have never written a review for an application. This application Never operates. I am a computer programmer and know how to use my iPhone and I can never get this to work. I get an error message every time I start the application. Not to mention that on top of spending several hundred dollars on a bodybugg to use this app- I Have to spend $10 a month. Crazy. I have contacted client support about this and they are zero help.
AmyThomas | 14.05.12 | #
For the Cash you can purchase a Nike Fuelband that operates while working out. Just tried the latest Failed update of this subscription offering. Didn't work, but the Nike Fuelband did with no problems.
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