Zombies Run! alternatives

Zombies Run!
Zombies, Run! brings new life to something that’s tedious for most people - running. If soundtracks have failed to get you motivated or you find yourself bored in the second quarter mile, this app might be just what you need. Since the app includes 30 missions, you’ll always discover something new around the corner, and more missions coming with each update, there’ll always be a plot twist ahead.
Zombies Run! alternatives are:
RunKeeper, Endomondo, RunMeter, Strava, Runtastic
Patricia | 23.06.12 | #
Been waiting for this for ages! Love it for the story and that it motivates me to go running. It doesn't force you to run if you don't want to. Just go at your own pace and speed up (or not) when a zombie chases you! Problem is GPS sometimes doesn't work and then the time, pace and distance won't log. It doesn't notify you when this happens. 5 stars if fixed :)
Alexandra | 12.07.12 | #
Yay! It's working! Just started my first mission and I'm already tired! Wish there was a setting for beginners but still a great app!
Seth | 30.08.12 | #
This is the most fun I've ever had using a running app. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to exercise, but also enjoys zombie horror. The zombie mobs and items are a great motivational tool to keep me running. I can't wait to see all this app offers.
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