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Track all your runs, rides and cross-training too. Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts. Compare your performance against friends, locals and pros.
Here are the latest news about Strava:

2014 Fitness tracker Strava gets $18.5M

Strava, an app that tracks athletes’ runs, rides and routes using GPS from a smartphone or watch, has raised $18.5 million led by Sequoia. Sigma West and Madrone Capital Partners also participated in the round, bring Strava to $50 million raised in all. Strava is an interesting company because it’s providing a service to the athletes that download the app, but also anonymizes and then uses the data it collects to help cities like London understand where natural pedestrian and riding routes are. This is a great example of how the internet of things makes it possible to collect cheap and actionable data.

brooklyn365 | 23.04.12 | #
Strava hands down is one of the best fitness applications out there, recording distances, speeds, and measuring you against yourself and others on repeat segments and mapping the whole thing. It's awesome for just about any mode of workout.
Tom Reynolds | 24.04.12 | #
Large +1 to Strava. This handles everything from my cycling, to running and even my windsurfing sessions.
RodneyFrank | 23.05.12 | #
The best application on the freaking planet. Great design, great feature-set. Only ever had it crash once in the month I've had it, but let's be honest, what application hasn't.
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