Skimble alternatives

Follow-along multimedia workouts led by expert coaches. Put on your headphones, hear step-by-step exercise instructions, and have more fun working out. Discover new workout routines and add them to your calendar. Track your progress for over 45 different sports activities. Log your sets and reps, score your games, and get GPS mapping with audio cues. Automatically see Personal Bests and share accomplishments on Facebook & Twitter.
Skimble alternatives are:
RunKeeper, Endomondo, RunMeter, Strava, Runtastic
Phantom_DJ | 13.01.12 | #
The mobile application still has issues crashing after each new activity recorded, but it's still worth the hassle to be able to monitor runs, weight exercises, swimming and kayaking trips, and dance lessons. Nothing else in the application shop does that.
The ranking point solution is questionable, but it does add a fun, competitive aspect to workout as well. I like it.
llY_77 | 26.05.12 | #
I thought the concept was a nice idea But it is a little unfair for individuals with an Ipod to have to pay for the Pro edition in order to monitor their activities. It is silly and very bias. Generally they are only charging Ipod users for the same no-cost solution to iPhone users. Not Cool. I'll make sure to post that warning on Facebook.
JaneKozich | 26.05.12 | #
i use it all the time to monitor the sports i play and it encourages me when i see how other people around me are doing.
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