RSIBreak alternatives

RSIBreak is a small utility to remind you to take regular short breaks. Repetitive Strain Injury is an illness which can occur as a result of continuous work with a mouse and keyboard. The risk of suffering injury increases the longer users work without breaks.
RSIBreak alternatives are:
Workrave, EyeDefender
KarenHeart | 29.05.11 | #
I tried Workrave and it was alright but took up plenty of space in the systray and felt awkward, sort of stressed me. You might be able to change some of this with various options but I still couldn't imagine using it all day.
Rsibreak is a cool alternative. Streamline, with only one icon in the systray that shows the countdown/intervals as a pie chart. Lets you select how to be alerted, whether it notices when you go idle, adjustment for tiny breaks and long breaks, temporary suspend, use statistics. Has it all right in your tray but not at all awkward or complicated way.
It is a Kde application but it is working wonderfully in Ubuntu and can be found in the repository.
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