Nutrisystem alternatives

Check in each day to your virtual weight loss center where you'll find interactive tools and trackers, receive personalized progress reports and create and manage your short- and long-term goals. Our My Daily 3 fitness plan provides a practical, easy way to incorporate activity into your daily life without huge time commitments, overly strenuous workouts, or pricey gym memberships. No points or calorie counting to worry about. It's all pre-calculated for you. Get a running record of all your weight and measurement entries. See your progress develop right before your eyes
charlenekay | 24.04.12 | #
I was impressed to download this application despite some of the poor reviews. However I soon saw what they meant. It is slow in loading & closing it out is hard. Only thing quick about it is how it drains my Bb battery. Didn't take me long to un-install it.
OpalDawn | 28.05.12 | #
I use my nutrisystem app everyday to monitor my food, log my water intake, keep log notes and log my workout. It has become a large part of keeping me focused and aware, I couldn't live without it.
Thedoctoress | 28.05.12 | #
This is a awesome application but it could use a tab for the restaurant guide. I have my smartphone on me all the time and when we eat out I can't just look up what I can and can't eat. It would be very useful to refer back to when I have the restaurant menu in front of me.
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