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Nike Fuelband
The Nike+ FuelBand is designed for anyone who wants to be more active. It measures your daily activity and turns it all into NikeFuel. So you can set a goal for every day and then go out and beat it. Life is a sport. Make it Count.

Nike Fuelband alternatives are: Fitbit Flex, bodybugg, Jawbone UP, Nike Sportband, miCoach, MotoActv
2014 Nike FuelBand is available on Android

Two years after launching the FuelBand activity tracking wristband with iOS app, Nike finally has released the app for Android users. The companion app provides access to NikeFuel score information and history, and makes it so that your Android device can connect to your FuelBand as long as it has Bluetooth LE capabilities. Other features include the ability to track and receive progress updates for a daily NikeFuel goal, tracking by individual session, the new “Win the Hour” feature for FuelBand SE owners, leaderboard with friends, syncing in the background over Bluetooth LE and more.

sami26031998 | 21.03.12 | #
look adidas made micoach therefore nike had loss in heir enterprise, so they made this useless thing.
TheCreeperWon | 28.04.12 | #
I hate on it because it's overly expensive and useless when you consider the only innovative thing Nike did was add their own stupid logo and fuel which doesn't do anything. Spend 20 bucks and get a regular calorie tracker. Just as motivational and doesn't break as simply. I work out daily and wasted cash to get this because I thought it would help. It's pretty fucking useless. You're ovERPaying for cheaply made machinery with a brand name on it. Purchase a regular calorie tracker.
GeorgeMcGuire | 26.05.12 | #
I cannot get the application to connect to my buddies list. I think other people are having the same issue, how can we fix this?.
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