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jasonwmorgan | 21.04.12 | #
I started tracking with my iPhone and all was well, then realized it would also be convenient to track on the iPad too. At first the data from both devices showed up on, but not on the other device. Now no data from my phone reaches the server at all. Trying to manually sync or force refresh does absolutely nothing. I have several days of tracking i am going to now lose. It appears this app can't support more than one device, which is too bad since it is a universal app. I've emailed support so we'll see what kind of answer they give.
Cricrimi | 28.08.12 | #
Tried to give the new UI a chance, so I used it for a several days before writing this. The new app is much more confusing and takes longer to use. Entering food takes several extra clicks and 'recently eaten' food does not automatically appear (by clicking several time you can get to a very incomplete list- whereas in the old version, when you had typed part of the item name, they app offered you several possibilities).

Also, many of values do not appear in nutritional info about food (eg sodium and cholesterol always set to 0). This is irritating for two reasons. 1. I'm trying to watch my sodium and cholesterol intake 2. Easier to see if a food item has been correctly inputted if all data is there.

Other irritating aspects: In the old version, you didn't have to categorize and the time you ate the food was clear from the entry. Now, everything has to be sorted into a category(lunch, snack etc.). And if you can find the time anywhere, I congratulate you on your tech savviness and perseverance.

I'm having a hard time believing that all those positive reviews are real or finding anything that has been improved by these updates...if there are any positive changes (eg they could have at least added a barcode scanner), i haven't found them. one could possibly argue that it's prettier...but If it takes you three times as long to track your food, pretty doesn't really cut it. Very disappointing, I used to love the app despite several flaws (see edited version of old review).
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