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Food and Exercise Diary for. Allows users to keep track of the foods they eat and the exercises they do, along with more granular measurements such as water they consume. MyNetDiary provides a great diabetes tracker app for iPhone, complementing the online diabetes tracking. The app provides the same comprehensive tracking features as the website, but it is built and optimized specifically for the iPhone. - See more at:
funnybunny | 10.12.11 | #
I got bored with entering what I ate into the application. I did it the first few months which was a nice thing because it helped me count calories in my head and I was able to stay within my daily calorie limit. The thing I like the most is the progress option where you type your weight.
bob-oh | 12.02.12 | #
This software operates perfectly for me. I use a pulse meter at the sport gym, and being able to monitor those calories expended against my consumption using Mynetdiary gives me the whole image. For the first time in my life I feel completely in control of what happens to my weight. I've been able to exactly achieve my objectives, something that had eluded me for decades.
mej95 | 10.04.12 | #
I have used a few monitoring programs including weight watchers, which I actually dumped after using this. It is the easiest to use out there and most informational. Like it, like it, like it. I have recommended this to all of my buddies.
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