MotoActv alternatives

MotoActv is a Fitness tracker + smart music player. Tracks your indoor / outdoor running, walking and cycling along with over 40 other athletic activities. Tracks your time, distance, speed, calories. Outdoor activity tracked with GPS precision. Tracks your performance on stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical and step machines. Stores hours of your music; learns what songs motivate you
MotoActv alternatives are:
Fitbit Ultra, bodybugg, Jawbone UP, Nike Sportband
SimonRendall | 15.10.11 | #
If Motorola really want to compete in the serious runner sphere it's all about Garmin␦gps watch and garmin are interchangeable terms for most runners. Looks like a nice effort though.
Julianna | 21.10.11 | #
It Is a gps watch. So many other brands are coming into play with gps, that Garmin isn't the only one synonymous with gps anymore (i. Tomtom made a watch and paired with Nike's gps watch). I think this is a awesome gadget. Excited running.
BK_King | 12.02.12 | #
This is the first step to what everyone will own as a runner, It has all the stuff you really want to monitor your runs, with music. When they come out with the next edition, I will buy. It is such a hastle having to carry a smartphone or gps watch+ ipod/whatever. One easy small very functional unit. You will see every company come out with these, I have been wanting one for two years.
MariSilbey | 02.06.12 | #
Frustrating- I would like this offering, but not at that price. Also, I need an option that lets me stream music. Currently I carry my smartphone around so I can stream Slacker. I don't own music anymore, so I'd have nothing to upload.
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