Microsoft HealthVault alternatives

Microsoft HealthVault
Microsoft Healthvault helps you organise your family's health data for simple access in emergencies, by first responders and those you trust. Get began by entering some general data about yourself and your family. In just a few minutes, you'll have your family's emergency data at your fingertips, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're prepared. When you're done, you'll get an emergency health profile including your medications, allergies, conditions, and more, wallet cards that offer your hight-priority health data at a glance, access codes you can give to Emts and other people you trust to enable access to your account, a security-enhanced account to store, organise, and share your health data.
Microsoft HealthVault alternatives are:
Google Health, GooPatient, Omron Wellness
Dave | 07.01.10 | #
I have used this solution and it has awesome functions when it comes to integarting with other health providers. But in standalon mode, it lacks many functions.
William | 05.01.14 | #
From my research MS HVault is the only solution that offers complete family organization, remote access, and device integration. This might be overkill for healthy folk but allows for central repository of most of our medical records. I find the application lacking in dietary and exercise interface and depth of coverage in those two vital components to overall health. I find some comfort in application sustainability in that I trust Microsoft will fight hard to not give in to any particular competitor and recognizes the value of a true and safe medical record or health timeline used by millions.
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