Microsoft Band alternatives

Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band, the first wearable powered by Microsoft Health, keeps fitness and productivity insights a glance away. Microsoft Band’s cutting-edge continuous heart rate monitoring provides a detailed calorie count and sleep quality measurements. With the inclusion of intelligent personal assistant Cortana, the band also offers hands-free access to the web and your most important correspondence whether you’re at the office or at the gym.
Microsoft Band alternatives are:
Fitbit Charge, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Fit
Here are the latest news about Microsoft Band:

2016 Microsoft killed its fitness tracker Microsoft Band

Microsoft will stop production and selling of its wrist-worn fitness tracker Band. The Microsoft Band was unveiled in October 2014, touted as the most advanced fitness tracker on the market. But the device, often criticized for its awkward, uncomfortable design, never really caught on. Microsoft introduced a second-generation model with added features last year, but it also carried forward many of the original's flaws. And now the company has decided to bow out of fitness wearables - at least for the time being — and cede the market to companies like Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, Misfit, and smartwatch makers including Apple. Also in September, the company renamed its smartphone health app to Microsoft Band and that software still remains available for existing users.

2014 Microsoft unveiled its own fitness band

Microsoft announced its first wearable - Microsoft Band. The band helps you keep track of things like your heart rate, steps, calories burned, and sleep. It also provides guided workouts, 24-hour heart rate monitoring and automatic activity counting, as well as email previews and calendar alerts, according to the Google Play Store details. It also has Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensors, which can tell if you're wearing it or not and a UV sensor to help you decide on whether to apply sunscreen. The companion Microsoft Health app is available on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android. The band will cost $199.

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