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At HealthyShare, we think friends are good for your health. That's why we're challenging you to use the power of your social network to get healthier together. Select your challenge, invite your friends, and check back in to chart your progress.
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DailyFeats, EveryMove
Rashad | 20.06.12 | #
Only a matter of time before something like this was created... I've been saying, and I vehemently believe this: the aggregate amount of health-related data shared across all of Facebook's users provides more accurate and actionable health information than all of the the health data locked-up in all of the closed-system EMRs (electronic medical records)... COMBINED!
Once people stop leaning on HIPAA as a crutch/excuse to not innovate when it comes to digital health information, the healthcare industry can finally reap the diagnostic-scaling benefits of Facebook's Open Graph, which is taking hold in every industry BESIDES healthcare.
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