GooPatient alternatives

GooPatient is a free app that allows you to take better care of your Health and your Family. In GooPatient you can make health records using hashtags like in Twitter. Add webcam shots to your health journal, organize medical files and doctor contacts
GooPatient alternatives are:
Microsoft HealthVault
JakeDoc | 21.07.12 | #
Just downloaded GooPatient and I think that it's a great idea to use twitter tags for medical records. It's really easy to use and best of all it's free! Thank you developers!
Christina | 21.07.12 | #
I've been a happy user of the beta version for two months, and now with the webcam feature it becomes really outstanding.
Using it to track my kids' health
Many, many thanks to the developers!
Bard | 18.10.13 | #
The organization interface is great. I love the ability to add records without needing to fill complicated forms, and the ability to search and organize records by hashtags is awesome. My only critique is absence of iOS app
lukemute | 08.11.13 | #
GooPatient is the best PHR program available on PC and Android. I'm very picky with PHR apps and this is the best. Well designed and functional.
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