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Garmin Fenix
Hiking and running GPS Watch supports running, climbing, riding, hiking, paddling, skiing or swimming.
Here are the latest news about Garmin Fenix:

2014 Garmin's Fenix 2 - may be the world's best sport watch

The new $400 Fenix 2 from Garmin is one of the coolest-looking sports watches you can get and, for once, it’s surprisingly accurate and very, very usable. It features a compass, barometer, and altimeter, easily accessible from the main time screen, as well as heart rate, pace, and distance when it’s in exercise mode. In fact it supports a number of sports including, Garmin notes, “running, climbing, riding, hiking, paddling, skiing or swimming.” The battery lives about a week of regular use. And as for GPS, in a new location Fenix 2 takes about eight minutes to lock in and, once it has connected once it takes just a few seconds to lock in again. That is far superior to any of the other watches.

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