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Garmin Connect
Garmin Connect is a community-based website for runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who track their activities with Garmin devices. Join our worldwide community to start sharing and analyzing your activities. Garmin Connect wellness portal helps employers to manage their corporate wellness programs.
Garmin Connect alternatives are:
Strava, Endomondo, MapMyRun, RunKeeper
Here are the latest news about Garmin Connect:

2015 Garmin offers wellness portal for employers

Following Fitbit and Jawbone, Garmin has unveiled an offering for employers, called the Garmin Connect wellness portal to help them manage their corporate wellness programs. The portal is powered by the same technology behind Garmin Connect, a direct-to-consumer portal that allows users to sync Garmin activity tracker data, view training plans, and interact with the Garmin Connect community. The employee wellness portal will similarly engage users with challenges, social interaction, and activity tracking. Employers can access aggregated activity data about their employees via the portal. Employers can also invite potential participants to join via email and encourage employees by organizing team and individual challenges. Employees can also use the platform to track their individual progress as well as how they compare to others in the program.

veryCoolRunner | 23.03.12 | #
Garmin Connect is easiest. Just plug in your gadget click on the short cut and you can upload your latest exercise. You can export it simply after it is loaded and it can be shared also. Personally I find the reporting and analysis settings available limited though. Most of the online solutions require a monthly payment to access all the really detailed diagrams and some require fees to access even general stuff. Though lots of people find Strava fun to compare and compete with others over the same sections. Though this is not without its dodgyness.
BK_King | 09.04.12 | #
I find Garmin Training Centre the best. Download the latest edition (if you like) for Ant. No frills solution that once set up is very simple. I may be alone but the online editions continually cause me frustration that I really don't need. I download & view information, I add & upload excercises 100% hassle no-cost with Training Centre. God Luck.
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