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Gain Fitness
GAIN Fitness is the digital personal trainer. Download this app if you want to get more out of your workouts in less time. Compatible with home, gym or even hotel room workouts, GAIN works like this: select your primary fitness goal (Fat Loss, Muscle, Health), choose your available time and equipment, and GAIN goes to work. Some say it’s magic. But really it’s our exercise-science based algorithms, built from the expertise of pro trainers.
Gain Fitness alternatives are:
MyFitnessPal, FitnessBuilder, Skimble, Gym Hero
Pikke75 | 26.02.12 | #
Hopefully some day this application will let me customize the programs more (sets and reps) and see the performance progress at the site.
AlexBrutin | 11.05.12 | #
Very good application, straightforward GUI, always tend to forget half of any routine a couple of months into it. This keeps you honest.
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