FitDay alternatives

Fitday is a no-cost diet and weight loss on-line journal can be paired with the Fitday application for on the road calculating. Mainly aimed at those looking to drop a few pounds, you can also get a long-term diet analysis in the no-cost edition. Fitday enables to monitor your Foods, Exercises, Weight and Objectives, view your Calories, Nutrition, Weight Loss and more. Provides web account, PC and iPhone apps
Peeca | 09.03.11 | #
I used Fitday online since 2003, and this application is the ideal partner for it. Simple to use, and a awesome help to monitor food on the road. Plus it's no-cost.
Hank | 19.01.12 | #
I have been using Fitday. com for a very long time. When I learned that this application was available I downloaded it right away. It operates extremely well. While some users report that the Gui is a little awkward, I was surprised about how much of the feature-set they were able to squeeze into the much smaller Ui. I would give it five stars except for one complaint. The application never remembers my login data so I have to type it repeatedly. I would prefer it operates like the Facebook application where you type it once and it stores it.

If you are seeking a calorie monitoring application that syncs with a site (and can also be edited on that site or on the independent Pc app) then this is the one for you.
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