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Fatsecret is a place for people interested in food and diet. Sign up and achieve your food, diet and exercise objectives. We consider our functions such as simply recording your food and exercise, keeping a lifetime record of your weight, finding buddies to support you and discovering recipes that are right for you are pretty special, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Provides calorie-counting apps for iPhone and Android
Fat Radish | 16.02.12 | #
I have an iPhone 4s. I have not had any problems using the barcode scanner, so far. I usually hold it so that the red line covers the entire bar code, after a couple of seconds of holding it still, it will focus and accept the bar code. I was also able to type a new item's information simply after the item's bar code was not found in the solution. (new nutrition soda variation.
Been able to edit food with more ease than on the site. Just wish it would show a full summary of the daily nutrient intake, sodium, vitamins, etc.
No crashes or lock ups so far either.
Jackie | 24.04.12 | #
Favorite tracker yet. I've used a dozen calorie monitors and after just one use I am in head over heels like. The barcode scaner is my favorite feature because it is the easiest way to monitor what I eat, even though food shouldn't have barcodes. Definatly everyone must try this tracker.
Edistojan | 29.05.12 | #
I really like this application however it won't monitor my weight loss on my iPhone 4s nor will it calculate calories used in workout since it won't accept the weight I put in. It also would be good to be able to assemble a favorite recipe list. Other than these problems a great application.
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