Dailymile alternatives

Dailymile is a social experience for active people. We're a community of people just off the couch to ultramarathoners alike, who encourage and inspire one another as we achieve our goals. Together we've shared over 12 million workouts. Each of them tells a story. Share yours.
MikePanic | 21.05.11 | #
I've been on Dailymile since August and logged nearly 2000, miles. Awesome website, founders, awesome people, great community. I'm on plenty of social networking websites, this one is seriously at the tops of my list for usability, functions and has zero of the crap associated with most. Logging the miles has helped me push via some objectives and achieve new ones with the help and advice of others.
BobShacklock | 23.04.12 | #
I've been a member for a while and daily mile is a nice website to monitor your activity. It's also awesome if you have buddies on there. What I don't like is nothing is automated. I use Nike+ for my runs, it would be awesome it dailymile could grab my runs from the Nike+ website like the runner+ website does. Many other people use the Garmin equipment, grabbing information from that would be awesome as well. I find myself not wanting to manually add my runs and in the end not using the dailymile website.
Natasha | 23.05.12 | #
I'm a runner, but I haven't tried Dailymile. It would be awesome if Dailymile had an iPhone app that was integrated with Google Pedometer.
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