DailyBurn alternatives

DailyBurn Tracker provides best-in-class fitness plans, nutritional tracking, and social motivation to help you reach YOUR health and fitness goals.
Metyler21 | 03.11.11 | #
This application has been a awesome help in keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Emma | 07.01.12 | #
I really like that application its very simple although some of the figures eg calories, protein, and fat can be incorrect to the data on the offering packaging by quite some bit x.
Bob | 07.04.12 | #
This application would be Ideal if it had an workout tracker. What's daily Burn without the burn?? Pretty nice calorie tracker, and the barcode scanner is very cool. The other annoying thing is it doesn't do a nice work of telling you if your nutritional stats are in range. It just tells you if you have met your max calories for the day.
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