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Coffee Break
Schedule your day with Coffee Break. Imagine your Mac telling you with bold actions that you have been sitting in front of the screen too long or that you need a break to take the dog for a walk. A mechanism that refuses to do anything else for you until you rest your eyes and grab some fresh air going for a walk.
Coffee Break alternatives are:
Time Out
yurmum | 12.01.12 | #
After the difficult drive falls asleep the application stops working and requires the on/off switch to be toggled to restart the timer. Once this is fixed, it will be a highest rating application.
OY732 | 21.02.12 | #
It's a pretty nice application, but sometimes it stops working. I'll open up the GUI and see that the timer is paused (even though there is no such feature). I believe this is related to sleeping/waking the computer and I expect the programmers fix it.
raceguy11 | 30.05.12 | #
I got this application because I would find myself at my desk for hours without realizing it. This application helps me keep monitor of time and give me micro breaks as well. I wish, though, there was an option to detect if you are away from your desk and stop the timer. I have had a couple of times where I walk away from my desk for a while and when I come back it tells me to take a break. Also when the countdown alerts you of 15 seconds or less, it won't let me click external of the countdown alert to let me finish what I am doing. Other than that, fantasitc application, easy, yet ever so helpful.
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