ChartSpan alternatives

Receive, Manage, and Send Health and Immunization Records with ChartSpan App on Your Smartphone. Send immunization and health records anywhere with the tap of a button. Missing your records? Request them from your doctor. Organize and search your family’s health records securely on your phone.
ChartSpan alternatives are:
Microsoft HealthVault, GooPatient
Here are the latest news about ChartSpan:

2014 ChartSpan proves that the PHR’s time has come

US startup ChartSpan, that just recently launched a patient-facing personal health record tool, has raised $1 million in seed funding. ChartSpan allows to import records in various electronic formats and convert paper records into structured data using machine learning and optical character recognition. Using the iOS app (and, in the future, Android, Google Glass, and desktop versions), patients can request records from providers and send records to others, according to the company. The app uses Blue Button Plus to enable the import of data from EHRs. ChartSpan CEO Jon-Michial Carter says: “I guarantee you, over the next few years, the number of people who care about their healthcare information is going to grow, thanks to Apple, thanks to Google, and thanks to all the other vendors that are building tools that make people care”.

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