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Basis is a device that tracks heartbeats and more to paint the most useful picture of your health. Stay motivated by accumulating points and praise for your progress. Basis automatically tracks and organizes your activities, and provides you with valuable feedback. Share your achievements with your friends so they can cheer you on as you progress.
Here are the latest news about Basis:

2014 New Basis fitness tracker can measure REM sleep

Basis announced the new version of its fitness watch Basis Peak, which improves on the original in several ways. The touchscreen remains black and white to save battery life, but gets a big upgrade in terms of both size and resolution. The optical heart rate monitor that was the claim-to-fame of the Basis B1 is also improved, with a more powerful LED that should improve accuracy. Those sensors plug data into existing Basis apps for iOS and Android, which combine activity tracking with a light gamification layer that “encourages” good habits like going to bed at the right time or suggesting that office workers to stand up once an hour. The Basis app tracks sleep — which includes REM, deep and light sleep – as well as walking, biking and running.

2014 Intel acquired fitness watch maker Basis

Intel has acquired Basis at a price of around $100 million. Basis that makes wristwatch health trackers, is now capturing 7 percent of the market versus competitor Jawbone’s 21 percent. As Intel was all about the wearables this year at CES, we’re assuming that this buy is an attempt to further its foothold (wristhold?) in the space. Intel made a lot of noise with its own reference designs at the conference, including a Siri-like Bluetooth headset named Jarvis and a smart chip it dubbed Edison, which has myriad applied uses, including smart baby clothing and even smart mugs.

Techy | 10.03.12 | #
It's an awesome new inexpensive heart and health tracker you can wear on your wrist.
kzemach | 25.05.12 | #
I already have a Hr track for working out, but if this can do pulse variability, then it's a must purchase for endurance athletes regardless. Being able to have a record of your just-waking Hrv is the really best way to determine if you're over training. Come on, Hrv. Here's hoping.
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